Nature on Parade

What can I find here?

Nature is everywhere you look, and everywhere you cook, and everywhere you shop, and everyplace you stop. You might see it, or not, but it’s there a whole lot…

it’s Nature on Parade!  

Join the parade and learn something new about your favorite organisms, or about ones that you have probably never heard of.

The Feature Creature

The Feature Creature, Wild News
Scuba lizards!
Meet some lizards that can rebreathe underwater.
The Feature Creature
The masked creature of the American prairie
On a pitch-black night a figure pops out of a hole on the prairie. He wears a black mask and runs quickly through the grass. He stops and sniffs the air. An owl ...
The Feature Creature
Meet the gray whale
Learn about gray whales, a conservation success story.
The Feature Creature
Tenrec Time: not a hedgehog!
Meet the lesser hedgehog tenrec, a spiky creature from Madagascar.

Talking to Plants

Sofia Ceiba, Talking to Plants
Coastal redwood
Today’s guest: the coastal redwood (Also known as the coast redwood or California redwood.) Sofia: Hi, I’m Sofia Ceiba, and on this episode of Talking to Plants we are going ...

Look who's here!

Look Who's Here!
7 new scorpion species described in India
Guess what? New scorpion species have been described in the Western Ghats region of India.
Look Who's Here!
Deadly new snake species described
Researchers describe a new deadly snake species.
Look Who's Here!
Two new screech owls!
Check out these newly described tiny owl species!

Paleo Species

Paleo Species
The cheetahs of America?
By David Brown* A big cat zipped through the plains chasing an antelope. This cat was built for speed. It had a small head and long legs for making great strides. Exhausted ...
Paleo Species
The giant prehistoric amphibious beast of Ohio
By David Brown* Some people claim that Bigfoot roams through the forests of Northern California. For hundreds of years people have told stories of seeing large reptilian ...