Nature on Parade

What can I find here?

Nature is everywhere you look, and everywhere you cook, and everywhere you shop, and everyplace you stop. You might see it, or not, but it’s there a whole lot … 

it’s Nature on Parade!  

Join the parade and learn something new about your favorite organisms, or about ones that you have probably never heard of.

The Feature Creature

black-footed ferret kit
The Feature Creature
The masked creature of the American prairie
Learn how black-footed ferrets have been fighting for their survival, with the help of some human friends.
The Feature Creature
Rodents that BOUNCE!
Meet a small animal that can really hop...
The Feature Creature
Do all bees sting?
We consult bee expert Jess Mullins to find out the answer!
The Feature Creature
How many legs does a caterpillar have?
Have you ever wondered how many legs a caterpillar has or if caterpillar "feet" are sticky? We have!
Talking to Plants
Talking to Plants: featuring Cari Araucaria
Sofia Ceiba talks to Cari the araucaria tree. These trees were once munched by dinosaurs but they are now at risk and need our attention.
Talking to Plants
Sofia talks to a famous epiphytic orchid from Madagascar
Today we are visiting the lowland rainforests of Madagascar to meet a fascinating orchid...
Talking to Plants
Talking to Neelakurinji
Meet Neela, the amazing neelakurinji plant and learn about mass flowering.
Talking to Plants
Talking to Bamboo
Let's meet some bamboo and learn what makes these plants awesome!
Talking to Plants
Talking to Celery
Meet Yelly, the celery with an attitude.
Sofia Ceiba, Talking to Plants
Coastal redwood
Hi, I’m Sofia Ceiba, and on this episode of Talking to Plants we are going to meet the coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens).

Look who's here!

Look Who's Here!
How do you discover a new species?
Meet the world's largest waterlily and other new species described in 2022!
Look Who's Here!, Nature Lab
Fabulous ferns found! Herbariums help scientists discover new plant species
Have people discovered every species of plant on Earth? Not even close!   Scientists estimate that only 10% of all species on the planet have been described, leaving many...
Look Who's Here!
Colorful coral cavalcade!
Scientists discover 3 new sun coral species in the waters around Hong Kong.

Paleo Species

Paleo Species
The giant prehistoric amphibious beast of Ohio
By David Brown Some people claim that Bigfoot roams through the forests of Northern California. For hundreds of years people have told stories of seeing large reptilian ...
Paleo Species
The cheetahs of America?
By David Brown* A big cat zipped through the plains chasing an antelope. This cat was built for speed. It had a small head and long legs for making great strides. Exhausted ...