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Introducing the Giraffe Zone!

Mongabay Kids is pleased to open the Giraffe Zone, a space dedicated to the world’s tallest land mammal. Visit the Giraffe Zone for facts, fun, and learn how to help these giants of the animal world. We’ll be posting lots of exciting new content for…

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The Giraffe Zone

articles & storiespostersmeet giraffe expertsvideospodcastsphotos for projectsarticles & stories The Feature Creature June 21, 2021 Learn about giraffes: Giraffes are cool! Read More ... The Feature Creature September 19, 2020 Lions vs. giraffes Sometimes the lions win...and sometimes they don't. Read More ... The Feature…

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Advocating for giraffes

By Mary Dagg, Anne Innis Dagg Foundation Giraffe numbers have declined significantly from the impact of people. People have been hunting them for their bones, skin and meat.   Here are three ways you can help: 1. Tell your family, friends and schoolmates to never…

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